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Wednesday 21 March, 2018
4.00 – 6.00

Join this specialist workshop on the application of blockchain in the agri-food supply chain, as we review the most significant developments in blockchain technology and use case studies to understand its potential impact on agri-food businesses, and how to overcome the challenges of scaling and adoption.

Technology & Scaling

• Is blockchain the ultimate solution for delivering sustainable supply chains?
• How will blockchain change the landscape for the agri-food supply chain?
• How will the industry adopt this new technology?
• Does this spell the end of intermediaries and what new partnerships will we see emerging?
• What challenges exist with scaling and mainstreaming blockchain technology within agri-food systems?

A Fintech Perspective

• With the fintech industry still at the stage of trialing new blockchain technologies, when will the agriculture
industry have a ‘viable’ path forward?
• What can agri-food systems learn from ICOs?

Applications & Advantages

• Beyond tracking and traceability, where will blockchain innovation create most impact?
• How is blockchain enabling small holder farmers to plan, co-operate and share
resources and farming equipment?
• How will blockchain bring finance and financial services to farmers? How does this allow
for regional, multicurrency, low cost systems?
• What competitive advantage will participation within a blockchain platform bring to the
supply chain? Can we pinpoint a time scale for this shift towards adoption?

Phil Harris, Founder, RIPE.IO, USA

Registration: $295
Book your place at worldagritechusa.com/register or contact Jamie Alexander on +44 (0)1273 789 918 or jamie.alexander@rethinkevents.com.


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